FSSAI registration – Benefits and guidelines

FSSAI registration – Benefits and guidelines





FSSAI refers to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, which is the body that governs and oversees the food business in India. The department guarantees quality testing of food products, which will reduce sales of adulterated and sub-standard products. The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 sets out the rules and regulations for running a food business and is also responsible for the registration and licensing of food business tors operators (FBO) in India.

One of the positive consequences of the epidemic is the rise of many home chefs across the country. And recently, it has come to light that all home chefs have the requirement to have a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) registration number. The news has many home chefs in the registration process – some fear they could pay a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh or jail time.

The necessity for the registration

It is legal and mandatory for all food business operators (FBOs) to obtain a food license or food license. According to the Food Safety and Standards Regulation, 2011, all food business operators in India must have FSSAI registration or license if they are involved in the production, storage, transportation or distribution of food products. Every food business operator (FBO) involved in processing, manufacturing and sale of food products must obtain FSSAI registration or license. FSSAI registration is different from an FSSAI license in the sense that depending on the nature and size of the business, the FBO must obtain an entry registration or license.



Consumer awareness

In this age of information, consumers have become more aware and informative about the quality of the food they consume. With the increase in the number of diets and the number of healthy eating options, people need to know that what they serve is not only safe, but of really good quality. More so, consumers are proving to be taking food safety standards seriously in this digital era. Thus, the food is proving that they have an FSSAI license, which can give you an added advantage in solid and customer support.

Using of FSSAI logo

Once you have received the license, you can add it to your menu cards and FSSAI. One can use the FSSAI logo skillfully to reveal the best quality of the food to others. However, this gives you an edge over many food operators. All packaged foods must have an FSSAI number. The logo has also seen as a mark of recognition and for confirmation by customers. In fact, selective consumers especially those who have a license want to consume food products. It helps you develop a brand name.

Documents for FSSAI registration

  • Owner’s PAN card
  • (Driving License / Voter ID Card / ETC) as proof of identity.
  • (Lease Agreement / NOC / Water & Energy Bill / etc) as proof of company address.
  • Copy of Land Paper (if owned by him).
  • Copy of any government authorized certificate.
  • Current passport size photograph of the applicant.

Registration steps

1: Visit our FSSAI registration portal first.

2: Fill the details in the FSSAI form.

3: Upload all documents as requested and select the type and duration of validity of the license.

4: Submit the application for FSSAI Food License and make the payment online.

5: Get FSSAI certificate at your registered email address within few working days.

Some guidelines for the restaurant

  • The rules of FSSAI clearly teach the cafe to use safe water, i.e., water free from any dain, toxins or artificial hazards for each of its exercises, in which the use of ice by cooling does not expel contaminants from the water.
  • Consumable and unsuitable water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, hand washing, and ice and refreshing water should be avoided in this way. Water should be kept off, clean holders with hoses for lifting, and parts of this water should be generally purified, cleaned and dried towards the end of the day’s deal, and water waste must be properly maintained to maintain strategic distance. Impurities
  • Get crude material from solid and reputable vendors. Clear decantation, away from odours, signs of soothing defrosting of unfamiliar body must be checked before buying the item.
  • The use of crude materials should be established on FIFA (First in First Out), FEFE (First Expired First Out) and FMFO (First Manufactured First Out). Additionally, purchasing materials must be installed in adequate storerooms with the goal of not causing any inadvertent sludge or temperature abuse, especially due to solid nutrition.
  • Submission of licenses, notices and declarations is an absolute requirement. Eaters special guide, if necessary, must be on the foodstuffs sold there. The eateries must have proper information about dealing with rehearsals, and the well-being of food handlers must be generally observed. There should be hygiene messages, depending on the type of diet, to make your meal comply with FSSAI rules.

FSSAI to expand food safety compliance

Technologies such as GPS location tagging, picture capture, etc. will have the usage in the future to ensure transparent and accountable extension sector services such as observations and sampling. In the future, it will also integrate with other government platforms, such as GST, PAN, MCA, etc., to enable businesses to get 360-0 degree profiling and accreditation.

“A change in the pattern is a change in the licensing system for manufacturers that will now be based on a certified product list. This will help in speedy approval of the license and removal of any errors. The new approach is only for manufacturers of certified food products. For manufacturers, in the case of specific foods, supplements / nutraceuticals, proprietary foods and substances added to the diet – the approach continues as in the old system.

Once FOSCOS is started, all data related to license / registration will be available on FOSCOS and all manufacturers with valid FSSAI licenses will have to modify their licenses to select from the list of standard products available before the due date.



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