How can I complain to FSSAI?

How can I complain to FSSAI?







FSSAI registration is obligatory for anybody engaged with the food business. Be it food safety, food producing, bundling, dispersing, or selling, you want to get a FSSAI registration to maintain your business.

The registration/permit is given by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), an organization that screens food organizations under the rules and guidelines recorded in the FSSAI Act 2006.


As per the FSSAI Act, 2006 all food organizations are expected to be enrolled/authorized under the accompanying 3 classes:

FSSAI Registration – Basic

It is the essential sort of registration gave for organizations that are little in turnover – up to ₹12 lakhs around per annum

Providing food organizations regardless of their turnover need to apply for a state permit and not a fundamental FSSAI registration.

FSSAI State License

Organizations that have a benefit more prominent than ₹12 lakhs require a state permit.

FSSAI Central License

The central fssai registration is for greater organizations that have a turnover of over ₹20 crores per annum.

Complain to FSSAI

Organizations that supply food to government workplaces/divisions and organizations associated with food import/send out, an internet based stage, working establishments, or chains of inns/eateries need to get a central permit also.

With worldwide organizations gaining ground with globalization, there are various occasions where we go over promotions where bogus cases regarding the weight, healthy benefit, fixings and so on of the thing for utilization are made to actuate deals. Such out of line exchange rehearses negatively affect the purchaser’s safety and they might confront safety risks due to such cases.

Cases incorporate items making cases of weight reduction on utilization, sound heart, and quicker development for kids, corruption, bundling, terminated food items, the shortfall of marking, a bug found in food item and so on.


To give customers a voice against corporate goliaths when they are viewed as making bogus/unapproved cases to sell their item. Under the Indian regulation, a wronged individual can move toward the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), a specific body set up to address the complaints of shoppers in regards to food items.

Areas of Application of Law:

Provisions of Food Safety Standards Act, 2006



  • Below is the bit by bit process for documenting a protest against out of line exchange works on connecting with food items:
  • Regardless connect with a legal counselor who will get what is going on as a bothered individual/organization and how the supposed bogus cases hold ramifications for you as a shopper or contender.
  • The attorney will send a lawful notification to the individual/organization running the promotion making bogus cases about the item in which he will draw out into the open its adverse consequence on the complainant and make a case for harms in cash.
  • On inability to get an answer, either composed or through mail, the complainant through his legal counselor can move toward the FSSAI through a protest.
  • One can likewise go through the “Food safety Concern,” on its site to hold up objections connected with pressed food or even food outlets including side of the road restaurants.
  • On the other hand, the complainant can address his gripe straightforwardly to the FSSAI office.
  • It will comprise of details of the complaint, for example, where the food item was bought from, what it asserted and its hindering impact including safety gambles on the complainant upon utilization.
  • On receipt of a grumbling, the FSSAI, contingent upon the idea of the protest will allude them to the particular Food Business Operators (FBO) for proper activity inside characterized time period.
  • The gatherings will then, at that point, be allowed an opportunity to make sense of their represent which they will be given an individual hearing.
  • FSSAI will likewise freely lead tests, to confirm the cases made in regards to the food item being referred to. It will likewise decide whether the food item is being sold as per the administrative structure.
  • Assuming the protest is maintained, FSSAI will give bearings which might incorporate limiting the offer of the item right away or inside a specific time span, making change in the food item relying upon inadequacies found and additionally installment of remuneration to the complainant-contingent upon the misfortune caused.
  • An allure from the choice of the FSSAI can be brought at the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). An allure from that choice will be made at the Supreme Court.
  • Documents expected to be submitted, if any: The complainant should impart the accompanying reports to the legal counselor:
  1. Details/Address of where he bought the food item from (name of store/shop/territory).
  2. Pictures taken showing the imperfection (bundling/expiry date)
  3. Clinical reports closing an element of the food item presenting to be a safety risk (in instances of corruption).

Discipline/Expected Relief:

Depending on realities and conditions of each case, FSSAI will give headings which might incorporate controlling the offer of the item right away or inside a specific time span, making change of the food item relying upon inadequacies found as well as installment of pay to the complainant.

Milestone Judgments:

  1. The food safety controller guided Nestle India to pull out every one of the nine variations of its Maggi noodles from the market, referring to them as “dangerous, unsafe and unsuitable” for human utilization because of elevated degree of monosodium glutamate in the taste creator: Nestle India Ltd right away. v FSSAI (
  2. The Delhi high court considered the offer of a grouping of Guliyan belgian chocolates after the applicant (shipper) relieved naming deformities, as per the FSSAI administering: United Distributors v UOI.

To work with speedy redressal of food concerns, FSSAI has an online food concern redressal framework specifically ‘Food safety Connect’ that is essential for the current online Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS). This online stage assists customers with enrolling their grievances and inputs about food safety issues connected with debased food, dangerous food, unsatisfactory food, marking abandons in food and deceiving claims and ads connected with different food items.

On effective registration of a food concern, Consumer gets a remarkable concern no. by means of SMS on the portable number gave at the hour of enrolling the worry. This reference no. can be utilized sometime in the not too distant future to follow his/her anxiety in the internet based framework. The FSSAI group, the State DOs/FSOs and the FBOs – each of the three partners have online admittance to the complaints raised by customers.