Food Safety and Compliance System (FoSCoS)

Food Safety and Compliance System (FoSCoS)






The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, had set up FSSAI under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS Act). This administration body cares for the food organizations in India and checks in the event that they follow the guideline indicated by the public authority or not. Their work is to guarantee that the food is unadulterated and according to the predetermined norms. Their responsibility is to dispose of unacceptable food items. This association is liable for enlisting and licensing FBO or Food and Business Operators in India. Likewise, it additionally sets out the standards and guidelines for maintaining a business in India. FSSAI registration is important. Here are the sorts of FSSAI Licenses:

Basic license

State license

Central license

FSSAI Benefits

With increased awareness, globalization and mechanical progression, individuals are getting increasingly more aware of their eating decisions. Indeed, COVID-19 has changed the food propensities for some people anxious to battle against the pandemic by receiving a more adjusted and nutritious eating routine to improve invulnerability. Likewise, Indian Food laws are changing in accordance with worldwide food laws/guidelines through alteration of different guidelines dependent on the evolving situation. Food Standard and Safety Act, 2006 (“the Act”) is likewise advancing and changing in consonance with the “One Nation One Food Law” drive.


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) set up under the Act is presently liable for checking food handling norms as well as overseeing the whole food inventory network. With this command, the FSSAI has made different strides towards facilitating the process of registration and authorizing.

Another progression toward that path is the substitution of the present online application framework for example Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS) to give licensing and enlistment an updated, progressed, controlled, improved and created open-source stage called Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS).

It was initially launched in the States/UTs of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Gujarat, Goa, Odisha, Manipur, Delhi, Chandigarh and Ladakh in June 2020. FSSAI is currently dispatching the second period of FoSCoS in the excess 27 States/UTs on 01st November 2020. Therefore, the FLRS gateway has been shut with effect from. 21st October 2020. FoSCoS is more easy to use and successful IT stage which tries to associate Food Business Operators (FBOs), Designated Officers (DOs) and Food Safety Officer (FSOs).

FoSCoS is an updated and extensive arrangement which additionally associates with FSSAI’s other existing IT stages like Food Safety Compliance through Regular Inspection and Sampling (FoSCoRIS), Food Safety Connect-Complaints Management System, Online Annual Return Platform, Food Import Clearing System (FICS), Indian Food Laboratory Network (InFoLNet), Audit Management System (AMS), Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC), Food Safety Mitra (FSM), and so on.


Change from the present FLRS which is just a licensing stage to a focal sanitation consistence administrative stage.

Work with an issue free and easy to use IT stage to associate Food Business Operators and Food Authority.

Assemble an in fact progressed coordinated application to achieve interoperability with different applications, equipped for higher client traffic, and has potential for future updates and functionalities.

Improve client execution of the application and make the application interaction more straightforward and proficient to advance simplicity of working together among FBOs.

Achieve insignificant actual documentation and smooth out business measure streams for FBOs for online application.

Achieve and empower the application to have a normalized item approach instead of a book box approach for producers.

Empower the application to seed business-explicit subtleties like CIN No., PAN No. also, GST No. to guarantee viable profiling and approval of FBOs.

The FSSAI anticipates that FoSCoS should be a distinct advantage for the execution and requirement of food laws in India. It is important to make mindfulness among Food Business Operators and the overall population to achieve the objective of the Swastha Bharath Mission.

Process of applying under FSSAI registration via FOSCOS

At the highest point of the landing page of the site gave two pursuit bars which consolidate the quest for ‘Standardized Food Products’ and ‘Eligibility of your food business.’

In the underneath of the pursuit bars, it has ‘View all FSSAI normalized Food Products,’ ‘Clubbing of Variants of Products’ and ‘View all Eligibility Criteria Details’ catches.

Subsequent to tapping on the ‘View all FSSAI standardized Food Products’ the food category name, food sub-category name, item name, and FSSR number can be seen.

After clicking on the ‘Clubbing of Variants of Products,’ it’s anything but a PDF document that contains the list of the multitude of Standardized Food Products having variations.

It’s anything but a ‘View all Eligibility Criteria Details’ catch, which opens the PDF containing the table of the sorts of business, its measures, kind of license/enlistment for the business.

The landing page of the site contains the ‘Track Application,’ ‘Know Your Officer,’ ‘FBO Search,’ ‘How to apply,’ and ‘Application Processing’ options/buttons.

In the alternative of ‘Know Your Officer’ choice, it is approached to choose the State and District from the dropdown list.

A Food Business Operator can be looked by clicking the ‘FBO Search’ button and entering the subtleties of Company Name, License/Registration Number.

The alternative given in the site for license of FSSAI enrolment is given like ‘How to Apply.’

The ‘Application Processing’ choice on the landing page shows the phases of handling of the FSSAI application by the Licensing/Registration Authority.

The landing page additionally has the ‘Apply License,’ ‘Apply for Registration Certificate,’ ‘Modification of License and Registration’, and ‘Renewal of License and Registration’ tabs at the lower part of the landing page (previously mentioned five options/buttons) through which the shoppers can apply or modify their license/registration.

Myth buster related to the Corona virus

Does taking south Indian foods rasam or curry protect from COVID-19?

There is no scientific evidence that rasam or the prepared curry from COVID-19.

So to protect yourself:

Wash regularly with soap or the alcohol based hand rub.

Keep 1 metre distance from somebody coughing or sneezing.

Cover the mouth and the nose with elbow bent or tissue papers when you sneeze and cough.

Eating chicken causes spread of Corona virus

Consuming hygienically prepared and well-cooked chicken is always safe; but no scientific evidence is laid before the world.


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