Difference between ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000

Difference between ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000







ISO 22000 necessitates that you construct a Food Safety Management System. This implies that you will have an archived framework set up and completely carried out all through your office that incorporates:

Powerful Prerequisite Programs set up to guarantee a clean sterile climate

A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan created to recognize, forestall and takeout food handling risks. Set up recorded sanitation the executives framework cycles to oversee food handling all through your association – from the board and business arranging viewpoints to everyday correspondence and tasks influencing food handling.

The ISO 22000 standard contains the particular necessities to be tended to by the Food Safety Management System. The standard requires sanitation the board framework measures including:

Handling a general Food Safety Policy for your association, generated by top administration.

Setting targets that will drive your organizations endeavors to consent to this strategy.

Arranging and planning an administration framework and reporting it.

Keeping up with records of the exhibition of the framework.

Setting up a gathering of qualified people for creating Food Safety Team.

Characterizing correspondence methods to guarantee successful correspondence with significant contacts outside the organization (administrative, clients, providers and others) and for viable inner correspondence.

Having a crisis plan.

Holding the executives audit gatherings to assess the exhibition of the FSMS.

Giving satisfactory assets to the powerful activity of the FSMS including suitably prepared and qualified faculty, adequate framework and fitting workplace to guarantee food handling.

Executing Prerequisite Programs.

Following HACCP standards.

Building up a recognizability framework for ID of item.

Building up a remedial activity framework and control of nonconforming item.

Keeping a recorded technique for taking care of withdrawal of item.

Controlling checking and estimating gadgets.

Building up and keeping up with and interior review program.

Consistently refreshing and working on the FSMS.

The ISO 22000 standard was first given in 2005 and last refreshed in 2018. Along these lines, ISO 22000: 2018 is the most recent ISO 22000 Standard. The ISO 22000:2018 is a Food Safety Management System applied by the food business across the worth chain. It centers around applying the basics of Quality Systems according to ISO 9001 in dealing with a Food Safety Management System.

ISO 22000: 2018 places more accentuation on administration frameworks, which incorporate approaches and strategies. The standard references a rundown of essential projects (PRPs) that should be executed however doesn’t diagram how these PRPs ought to be carried out. All in all, ISO 22000: 2018 must be utilized in blend with ISO specialized norms or diverse Good Manufacturing Practices principles (GMPs).

Generally, an organization could pick any GMP standard with insignificant prerequisites as long as it covers the rundown of GMPs covered on the ISO 22000 norm. Moreover, ISO 22000 accreditation all alone isn’t perceived by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI); an industry body entrusted with guaranteeing that GFSI affirmed confirmation programs apply comparative norms during affirmation.

FSSC 22000

The FSSC 22000 form 5.1 was distributed on 3 June 2019, and ensured associations were examined on it as from 1 January 2020.

The GFSI perceives FSSC 22000 certificate.

The FSSC 22000 Standard comprises of free principles, for example, ISO 22000, specialized guidelines and extra necessities.

The essential standard used to accomplish FSSC 22000 variant 5.1 confirmation is ISO 22000:2018, in blend with both of the ISO Technical guidelines beneath, contingent upon the area:

ISO/TS 22002-1:2009, Food producing

ISO/TS 22002-2:2013, Catering

ISO/TS 22002-3:2011, Farming

ISO/TS 22002-4:2013, Food bundling producing

ISO/TS 22002-6:2016, Feed and animal food creation

PAS 221:2013, Retail/grocery stores

NEN/NTA 8059:2016, Transport and capacity (ISO 22002-5 on Oct 19).

The executives of Services

Product Labelling

Food Defense – Threat Assessment

Food Fraud Mitigation

Logo Use

Management of Allergens (natural pecking order classes C, E, FI, G, I and K)

Environmental Monitoring natural pecking order classes C, I and K)

Formulation of Products (natural pecking order class D)

Transport and conveyance

Note that you would have to execute the above guidelines and extra necessities, in mix with client prerequisites, and your nation’s laws and related guidelines.

Other key differences

The ISO 22000 standard just covers the board frameworks. It tends to be utilized in mix with some other GMP standard as long as the PRPs are carried out as indicated by the norm.

The GSFI doesn’t perceive ISO 22000 confirmation.

FSSC 22000 comprises of the ISO 22000:2018 norm, explicit ISO Technical guidelines, and extra prerequisites.

The GFSI perceives FSSC 22000 confirmation.

What is SQF?

SQF is Safe Quality Food. It is a Food Safety Management Certification Scheme, made and managed by SQF Institute, used to control food safety hazards. When your sanitation the executive’s framework is carried out it is evaluated and affirmed by an outsider certificate body. The Food Safety Certification necessities give a thorough framework to manage food safety chances and give safe items to use by organizations in the food business.

It is a GFSI perceived sanitation certificate. This permits your clients to believe in your sanitation program and realize that you have a thorough food handling framework set up.

Managing Risk

As a matter of first importance, fabricating your sanitation the board framework will furnish your organization with powerful administration of food handling perils by establishing a climate fit for creating safe item and an administration framework to consistently oversee, screen, approve and work on the framework.

Keep up with Current Customers

Insights show that around 1 out of 4 ensured organizations are requesting that their providers accomplish affirmation. Chances are that on the off chance that you have not been asked at this point, you will be asked soon. Beginning your accreditation can assist you with remaining cutthroat and qualified to work with your present clients.

Increment Your Market Reach

Enormous retailers and worldwide producers or processors are additionally requesting certificate of their providers. SQF Certification implies you are able to supply these associations or their providers, opening up a huge market for your items.

Plan for New Regulations

Nations across the globe are making changes to food safety guidelines, including the United States and its Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The freshest form, Edition 8, readies your association to meet numerous or the vast majority of the FSMA necessities.


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